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Stargate Bitextual

for those who want it all

Stargate Bitextual Fanfiction
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Everything is tagged nice and neatly; you can find a master list here. Or look in our memories!

Welcome to Stargate Bitextual, the place where everybody in the gateverse can follow their own preferences.

Or something like that. *g* This community is modeled on hp_bitextual, though we're not affiliated with them. The point of this community is to promote and provide a safe place for fiction and artwork/manips that don't fit into the standard slash or het classifications.

So what gets posted here?

  • Stories with both heterosexual and homosexual encounters
  • Stories with mixed threesomes or moresomes (both het and slash encounters)
  • Stories with triangles featuring both het and slash pairings
  • Stories with 'genderfuck' issues--someone gets transformed male to female or vice versa and has to deal with the implications, androgynous aliens, etc.
  • Stories with both het and slash pairings featured
  • Stories that deal with both het and slash feelings/urequited passion/UST in whatever combination.

What doesn't belong here?

  • Threesomes/moresomes of all the same gender. There already places to post these--see your favorite slash community.
  • Stories without both het and slash.

Isn't this exclusionary?
  • Well, I suppose you could see it that way, but what I'm trying to do is to provide a place where people who like both het and slash will feel welcome. I always feel awkward posting a story that contains both het and slash to communities that are geared toward one or another, even if they allow it. Here, you know your audience won't freak out at the idea of your story.

Does lj really need yet another Stargate community?
  • Well...no. *pout* But I wanna. *g*

So is this comm for SG-1 or Atlantis?
  • Both. You're welcome to post stories/art/recs for just Atlantis, just SG-1, or crossovers between the two shows. Or even crossovers with the Gateverse and other worlds. Whatever floats your boat.

Can I pimp my *fill in the blank* here?
  • Only if it is a writing/icon/whatever challenge specifically oriented towards a bitextual gateverse audience. Otherwise, for Atlantis pimping, go to sga_noticeboard. I'm sure there's a similar place for SG-1 pimping.

Posting: Please put large images, more than 3 icons, and stories longer than 100 words and/or with spoilers under an lj cut. An lj cut is done with this code: <lj-cut text=""> . Put whatever text you want to be visible between the two double quotes.

Here's an easy template to use:

Rating and approx. word count:
Author's Notes: (optional)

Please indicate the possibility of spoilers before the lj cut, and for what episode or episodes. Remember, not everyone in the world gets the shows at the same time. Currently I'd like to see warnings for Season 10 of SG-1 and Season 3 of Atlantis.

Some other communities you might find of interest:

sg1_beyond_otp - SG-1 threesomes and moresomes
atlantis_orgies - Atlantis threesomes and moresomes

I think that's all for now. I'm shetiger, your co-mod is alyse; if you have a question drop me an email at docmichelle at livejournal dot com or comment in one of the admin posts.

Thanks, and have fun!

And you might stop on over at our affiliated community, sga_oddball. Featuring those less common pairings in the Atlantis fandom.

(Banner by me using caps from dvswraatins and from Abydos Gate.)