ykickamoocow1 (ykickamoocow1) wrote in gate_bitextual,

"Trio" Challenge

Ive never seen a Carter/McKay/Keller fanfic before so i thought id suggest this as i would love to see what fan fiction writers can do with it.

What would have happened if there was no rope for them (McKay, Keller and Carter) to find and they had to do as McKay suggested of stripping down to their underwear to make a rope out of their cloths?

Obviously a Adult fanfic is prefered (there are a tonne of ways to make my idea into a adult story) as it is certainly a interesting combination and would be great to see a adult fanfic with these 3 characters but if you dont feel you can write it feel free to write a fanfic which has a lower rating.

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