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The Femslash Cliche Challenge

Ever wanted the aliens to make Elizabeth and Teyla do it? Or Sam to step through the gate and meet a lesbian version of herself? Maybe you want to read Vala suddenly developing telepathic abilities and discovering that all the women want to do her? If so, have we got the challenge for you.

It's the Femslash Cliche Challenge, where writers (artists and vidders, too, if they wish) write about lovely women doing all kinds of cliched things together like sharing a sleeping bag or having hot and heavy 'we almost died' sex up against a wall. Stories are due on May 15th.

The list of cliches and further detail can be found at </a></b></a>alien_altars. This is the introductory post.

Het and male/male slash pairings may be included in the story as long as the primary pairing is female/female.

Posted with permission from shetiger.
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