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Start the year with a bang! Drabble Tree

So alyse said to me, "if you're so bored, why don't you start a drabble tree on gate_bitextual?"

And of course, I said, "oooh!"

(Since it was her idea, I'm stealing the rules from her.)

For those of you new to drabble trees, the idea behind the tree is fairly simple - to write a series of drabbles by taking a phrase or sentence from a previous drabble in the tree and riffing off it.

1. All drabbles should relate to Stargate: Atlantis and/or Stargate SG-1, although they can include crossovers with other shows.

2. Since this is a bifictional community, het, slash, and femslash are all welcome and encouraged. However, if you feel tugged in a gen direction, please go with it. We're here to spark off of each other and have fun.

3. A drabble is a ficlet of exactly 100 words, but we're not going to hold you to that. It would be fun to try and make it a real drabble, but as long as it's somewhere there abouts we're not going to quibble. Or count the words.

4. All drabbles must be posted as comments to this entry.

5. Each drabble must include a word, phrase or sentence from a previous drabble in the tree. What you don't need to do is continue the previous drabble - it's about taking a phrase and using that, not necessarily about telling a longer story in short pieces. It's okay to continue a theme for a few drabbles, but I'd prefer it if people didn't start writing longer pieces. Apart from anything else, it does tend to make other people reluctant to jump on in and riff off a previous piece if they get the impression that they're interrupting something.

6. Please post your drabble as a reply to the drabble you're riffing from, and highlight the sentence or phrase you're including in bold.

7. Please use the phrase you're using in the subject line.

8. If you like a drabble and want to comment, please either wait until the drabble tree has closed or delete your comment afterwards when you think the author has got it - otherwise we won't know how many drabbles there are :) (And I'd love to hit a hundred :))

9. You don't have to have an LJ to come and play, but if you're posting anonymously, please write your pen name at the end of the drabble.

10. You can post as many times as you'd like - in fact, the more the merrier and knock yourself out. Just have fun :)

11. Please make note in the subject if you're including spoilers for any of the second half of season 3 of Atlantis. Yes, they've aired in Canada and many people have seen them, but just as many people haven't! Thank you. :)

And a drabble to start us off:

John was on his second cup of coffee when Rodney slid in beside him, almost stealthy for once.

"Still at it?"

John nodded and reached for the creamer.

"I do not believe either of them will give in easily," Teyla said. "It has become a matter of pride between warriors. They may very well go all night."

"It's ridiculous," Rodney said, but he didn't stop watching.

John took another sip of his coffee and settled back in his chair. Ronon and Teal'c were an impressive sight together. Even when they were doing nothing more than staring into each other's eyes.
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