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three short fics by Liondragon [SG-1, SGA]

Clearing out my challenge cache. ^_^  All will eventually get crossposted to sga_noticeboard.
FYI I am going spoiler-free -- stopping at Return I.  Community announcements will likely dry up; you're welcome to stalk me via my "fic" tag.  Ta!

Title: Tin Roof Rusted [light]
Author: Liondragon
Rating: R; 369 words.
Pairing(s): Daniel/Vala/Cameron
Warnings: Pregnancy.
Author's Notes: Requested by aphelant.  Tin roof rusted?  You might've heard the song.
Summary: Not quite ready for Springer.

Title: Under Intense Circumstances [light]
Author: Liondragon
Rating: NC-17 ADULT; 717 words.
Pairing(s): John/Teyla/Rodney
Warnings: Drama.  Sex stops short of climax.
Author's Notes: Requested by fairestcat.  Title taken from a quote in the movie Speed.
Summary: "In sleep, or half-sleep, a lot of things became clear ... How the jumper bay doors were closed, so if the central tower was breaking up, they wouldn't know, they wouldn't get out."

Title: The Big Red Chair [light]
Author: Liondragon
Rating: NC-17 ADULT; 895 words.
Pairing(s): Vala/Sam, implied Sam+Jack
Warnings: PWP with a touch of angst.  Uninvited coda.
Author's Notes: For ajora.  I really, really wanted to write this ever since seeing Vala shake her booty over the chair, and realizing after a spate of reruns that Sam really does have an Issue about this.
Summary: "I see you haven't gotten over your phobia of sitting in General Landry's chair." - Uninvited
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