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Greater Gate Novel Blurb Challenge!

So, apparently new episodes of the gates are not coming forth as soon as many of us had hoped. In the mean time, let's have a little fun entertaining ourselves.

Welcome to the gate_bitextual novel blurb challenge!

What's a novel blurb challenge?

Well, the idea is to write a short summary of a longer fic, just like you'd see on the back of a published novel. The twist is that these stories don't exist. (Not yet, anyway.) Maybe it's something you're working on, and you want to tantalize us with a glimpse of what's to come. Maybe it's a story you'd love to write, but you know you'll never get around to it. Maybe you made it up right off the cuff to share with us here.

Or maybe it's the story you've been dreaming of someone else writing, and you want to put the idea out for someone to grab onto.

Whatever your inspiration, the idea is to have fun. This is a bit of wish fulfillment for everybody. Whether it's romance or horror, something that could be an episode of the show or a complete AU, it's all welcome.

The rules:

1) Comment with your blurb on this post. If you happen to get crazy and write a huge story (or create a giant piece of art), post it elsewhere and then add a link to this post. (Remember the new 'tacky' feature? Stick one here and you can be notified whenever someone adds something new.) Feel free to do as many as you'd like.

2) Please, no spoilers (or rumored spoilers) for the second half of SG-1 season 10 or Atlantis season 3. Spoiler-free speculation is fine, however.

3) Since this is a community for het and slash both, mentions of het and slash in your blurb are very, very welcome! However, since this is such a short thing and it might be difficult to work pairings into the blurb, feel free to post whatever strikes your fancy. Even if it's gen. ;)

4) If you really would like to offer up your idea for an author to take, please indicate that in the comment. Otherwise, we'll assume that the idea is still yours, and thus off-limits to everyone else.

5) Pimp far and wide!

6) Have fun!

When Teyla Emmagan begins dreaming of the Wraith, Michael, she assumes that nightmares from the past are preying on her troubled conscience. Those concerns are set aside, however, when Rodney McKay discovers a fascinating piece of Wraith technology. Believed to be a type of 'telepathic router', it can only be used by the Wraith.

Or someone with Wraith in their genetic makeup.

Teyla agrees to help out, and thus sets foot in a true nightmare. With her team on the outside, desperately trying to figure out how to save her, Teyla has only herself to rely on as she tries to escape from the dreamworld of the Wraith. Running from Wraith minds, she discovers something even more horrifying--the 'echoes' of human souls absorbed in their dying moments. Here she finds an unlikely ally: Colonel Marshall Sumner.

Will Sumner's faded consciousness be able to help Teyla find a way out? What happens when Michael reveals himself, and what is his frightening plan? And what the hell is Carson's deal?


SG-1 is familiar with trouble. They've been there, done that, got the undercover leather wardrobe to prove it.

They're not so used to trouble coming in the form of a public affairs nightmare, however.

Archaeologist Carl Grieson has just been funded to put shovel to dirt in an attempt to prove his theory that Atlantis really did exist–in Antarctica. He's got the money, the equipment, the government approval (and someone in the IOA is in deep doo-doo once Jack O'Neill tracks down that name), and he's got a crazy-ass theory that's not so crazy.

Now SG-1 has to figure out how to derail Dr. Grieson without causing an international incident or exposing the Stargate Project. Vala's in favor of bribes--to an assassin--and Teal'c thinks a few zats should take care of the problem. Sam's trying to come up with a technological way to throw Grieson off the scent, while Daniel thinks that feeding false archeological theories to the guy is the best way to go. Cam's simply trying to keep up with his team without losing his mind. Or his job.

It's a silly, zany romp, and at the end of the day, it's all just part of the SG-1 experience.
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